Saturday, August 2, 2008

Progress on several fronts

I am well on the way with "The Golden Room" my newest story on Quillpill. The challenge is for me to write a completely different story that is just as good if not better. If done well enough, one could pass the stories off as written by two different authors.

Additionally, I spent time during the month preparing the second edition of Coal & Ice for a second edition. The cover will be printed in color and the poems and stories in black and white in a perfect bound paperback available over the internet. Watch this space for links when the proofs and galleys are returned to the press.

Finally, speaking of links. I include this link to the Private Photo Review, the Poland issue: My poem is featured on this page, but the pages are captive of the unique band of peasant performers that haunt the photos. This spontaneous theatre has existed in primitive for for centuries in the peasant-filled countryside. The people spend the winter developing plays and before the spring planting, perform for their neighbors their folk-inspired masterpieces. This sort of spontaneous creativity and experimentation among the less cultured of Poland gives me a little kick in the pants and an inspiration to create more.

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John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Phil, I want to run a note about your poem in Private in Writing the Polish Diaspora.

But I've been waiting for permission to also use the picture and haven't received it yet.

I think if I don't hear from the publisher by the end of the week, I will just run the note without the pictures.