Monday, August 18, 2008


In the final galleys for the second edition of Coal & Ice, I am working hard to finalize them before the end of the month. Quillpill story: The Golden Room has grown another half dozen pages. English Journal has accepted Rumination for May of 09 publication.

One way I address the time wasted blogging is that it keeps me focused on the idea of writing. I need to spend time every day putting words on paper or keying them into a computer. Without making time for writing, I get less and less happy with myself and harder to be around. The act of thinking and recording those thoughts, editing and shaping them, helps me approach my imperfect life with more attention and less stress.

I am also forcing myself to read books, outside the internet. The blog has become part of a larger context of my work. It is one way to express myself and a means to weave the various strands of self expression into a whole.


gregory said...

i forgot about quillpill, started something there and never went back after a few days.

do you like it? any action there?

Phil Boiarski said...

I enjoy Quillpill's format and the challenge of keeping the prose tight and freighted with meaning. I have done two stories, radically different from each other and I see that I have had some readers and a few reactions. I didn't expect too much since the place is overcrowded and much of what passes for writing is ranting. I want to keep challenging myself and forcing myself to write every day. Creative outlets like Twitter and Quillpill offer places to put my words that do not require hours and hours of effort, yet add up quickly to something fairly substantial. I guess, for now, I am fairly positive about the experience.