Monday, July 21, 2008

One more new thing

I just finished "Three Sum," my tragicomic take on the "Swingtown Seventies" up on Quillpill ( I have started another, The Golden Room, which begins, at least, with an historical true story. I love the form that lets me give intensely in small pieces as I have time. Time is limited and focus and attention help me use it most efficiently. I look forward to having more time and/or focus.

"Three Sum," is funny, sexy and yet tense and off-kilter. I have a half dozen stories planned about the misadventures of some adverturous people of that era. Having lived through the pre-HIV era, I observed many a story of twisted desire and tragicomic fragility. I hope to write more of them as time permits. The Golden Room is completely different, inspired by Borges and other Magical Realists.

The idea of writing brief bursts as often as possible, almost on the public wall, appealed to me. I felt everyone knew that I had this project and I just had to keep working on it. Not only because I felt an obligation to finish what I started, but I could imagine readers as anxious a myself to see what happened to these stupid kids. I had to fight the urge to be more grafiti daring, to get sleasy or push the envelope. The form and subject demanded restraint. I worked hard to keep the story absolutely true, taut and minimalist and yet full of irony and humor. I hope to get some reactions.

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