Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OMG, is that a word?

From ancient times, philosophers have felt the next generation brought naught but a de-generation of the culture and literature of their times with its new obsessions and successively less complex cannon of common experience. Culture has always involved vulgarities and hidden aspects, but never have they been so numerous or accessible as during the Instant Age in which we live. The various cultures are blending and morphing from the basic Ameri-culture that has tried to dominate the world. Everything from porn to spam pervades our in boxes. We live at arms-length, reaching though the keyboard to the Common Mind. What transformations are to come?

When text becomes a series of code words for standard cliche, why should we be surprised? Thumbs get tired and so much of adolescent dialogue is cliche after cliche. It saves time to use the shortcut since nothing less is expected, and nothing more is inappropriate. There are text poems and text novels. There are bloggers writing about blogging and blogging about writign. No more are we limited to paper or the size of the "public" we "publish" our thoughts for.

Hip Hop and text has pervaded the youth vernacular to the point where high culture is considered square, or uncool. Poetry, however has kept a level of respect across cultures as an art form that is wedded to music and performance, tangled in the ideas of "voice" and "soul" and transcendent of barriers. Part of my personal mission in life is to promote and proliferate poetry. The web is perfect for this strange literary branch, modern poetry, free verse, text and intensity, how much more made-to-order can an art form be?