Friday, January 3, 2014

The Twitter Experiment Mod and more

Honored to have my poetry read in Poland recently and included in a performance by Teatr Polski.

Inspired to create an iBook from images of Larry Hamill (

The image that comes to my mind first is the Western, particularly one of those old John Ford dramas where the “sod-busters” and the “cow-punchers” are killing each other in a range war over barbed wire technology. I had assumed that my tweets were being transferred and appearing daily. I don’t think it was John Wayne, but someone, perhaps Sergei Brin, made it so bloodspot no longer accepts my feed from twitter. A huge stampeded herd of my scribbles have been found torn to shreds, mere letters and punctuation by the electric fences of the banks of google.

Originally, I set up my blog to automate this function. The original purpose was to offer insight into my first drafts, my notes and notebooks, and constant noodling and puzzling about time and light,. What began as insight into my writing process and my thinking, the things I obsess about, became a time sink. I spent time I didn't feel like sparring and the work suffered. Along the way, in the interest of saving time (read further into past blogs if you care to explore those obsessions,) I switched instead to writing daily on my twitter account ( Nulla dies sine linea.” “Never a day without a line." -- Horace

Hopefully, if you have ever encountered the old fool’s masthead there, and links have brought you here, you will forgive my inaction. Alas, if that has happened, I only discovered it recently. Odd that my experiment with twitter has been altered. I don’t know if it was the Heisenberg principle but I know I didn't do it. Someone observed the experiment and altered the input and bingo,  no twitter feed. Somewhere in the past, who knows how long ago, you may have been disappointed with the infrequency of these rambling internet essays. Essays are fun, but not my favorite thing to write, so I have been neglecting that side of my prosaic practice. That side of my intellect is driven by my fundamental urge to bullshit and ramble, usually after a glass of wine, and lately, again, #Because … time, I have cut back on prose. I had no idea my blog had also eliminated my poetry.

So that brings me to what to do. I have, as they say, “too many irons in the fire.” I will attempt to post less lengthy pieces more frequently. I have finished my iTunes book, The Book of Timelessness, ( and I have more publishing projects ( and others (hopefully a Kindle version of Coal & Ice, /// demanding long hours of sitting at the word processor and re-keying work that is old, and doesn’t interest me anymore. I am always starting new projects include more multimedia, more collaborations, an Art App that combines visuals, sounds and poems in new ways, and I could go on.  ( So, when I can, I will return with prose for those who stop in now and then. Shorter pieces, perhaps with less rambling and leaping from precipice to peak, certainly less time-consuming. But please, if you want original, straight from my pocket notebook inspiration, right from the pencil lead, check me out where the experiment, indeed, does continue, in spite of Heisenberg, Schmidt and Brin.

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