Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I surrender to Amazon. It is like prostrating before the king of beasts and knowing I am but a flea on the rump of the hyena cowering. The lion, of course, is bored having eaten half a zebra. The other monster, who shall not be named because I don't want the great Sauron search engine thinking I speak ill of the all-seeing eye, has further penned me in its reservation. I am contemplating moving my blog to another platform now that Blogger has blocked by Twitter feed. If one is to leap into this electronic cataract, the fewer chains that keep you in one place, the freer your access is to and from others.  All of this is just by way of saying my new book of poems, Ordinary Things, ephemeral poetry by Phil Boiarski (http://www.amazon.com/Ordinary-Things-ephemeral-Boiarski-ebook/dp/B00CVS0XY2) can be had for free, if one is an Amazon customer, and for less than a dollar, otherwise.

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